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CHRISTER AAKEROY, Kansas State University , USA
Supramolecular Assembly & Solid-State Chemistry
Solid Form Landscape & Design of Physical Properties

GERARD COQUEREL, University of Rouen, FR
Phase Diagrams for Process Design
Chiral Separation

AURORA CRUZ CABEZA, University of Amsterdam, NL
Molecular Structure Crystallisation & Crystal Chemistry
Polymorphism & Crystal Chemistry

From Molecules to Crystals to Functional Form
Crystallisation Process Screening
Series of Industrial Perspectives
Directed Assembly Grand Challenges(Panel Chair)

NEIL FEEDER, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, UK
Molecular & Solid State Data Informatics
Crystal Structure Prediction
Science of Scale (SOS) Tools for Advanced Process & Product R&D

ULRICH GRIESSER, University of Innsbruck, AT
Techniques for Solid-State Characterisation
Stability and Transformations in Polymorphs & Solvates

ROBERT HAMMOND, University of Leeds, UK
Molecular to Crystal Science Modelling Route Map
Solution State Molecular Modelling

JERRY HENG, Imperial College, UK
Techniques for Surface Characterisation
Crystal Size Control and Seeding

WILLIAM JONES, University of Cambridge, UK
Surface Reactivity & Topochemistry
Solid State Reactivity & Stability
Crystallisation by Liquid Assisted & Neat Grinding

REIKO KURODA, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, JP
Techniques for Crystal Optical Characterisation
Molecular Structure and Chirality

ANA KWOKAL, PLIVA Croatia Ltd, Croatia
Techniques for Melt and Solution State Characterisation
In-Process Analytical Techniques
Electrochemical Induced Crystallisation

  C. MALLA REDDY, Indian Ins. of Science Education and Research, IND
Lattice Defects Chemistry of Crystals
Mechanical Properties of Crystals

Crystallisation Process Modelling
Reactive Crystallisation

ALLAN MYERSON, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Cooling & Evaporative Crystallisation
Continuous Crystallisation

ZOLTAN NAGY, Purdue University, USA
Crystallisation Process Control
Crystallisation Process Scale-Up

C. PRICE, GlaxoSmithKline R&D, UK
Ultrasonic Induced Crystallization
Nano Particle Production & Dispersion

KEVIN J. ROBERTS, University of Leeds, UK
Crystal Morphology & Habit Modification
Crystallisation Science Route Map
Melt Growth & Purification

RUI TAMURA, Kyoto University, JP
Chiral Resolution
Orientational Disordered Crystals & Liquid Crystals

JOOP TER HORST, University of Delft, NL
Crystal Agglomeration and Separation
Solution Supersaturation and Nucleation Processes Fundamentals

MICHAEL WARD, New York University, USA
Crystallisation Templating and Epitaxial Processes
Crystal Grow Interfaces

CHARLEY WU, University of Surrey, UK
DEM Modelling for Prediction of Particle Mixing and Flow
Fem Modelling for Prediction of Particle Compaction