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Interested candidates should apply online at http://erice2015.azuleon.org/

by Nov 30, 2014
(date of registration might work as a priority factor);

please, consider seriously the warnings at bottom of that page. Most additional information (e.g. early application for grant by MAE) may be obtained by clicking on FAQ.

Each application will be acknowledged. The result of the selection of candidates will be emailed by
15th Jan 2015.

The total fee, inclusive of  registration, board ing and lodging during the course, is 1,200 Euro for European Community residents and the equivalent in hard currency for the remaining ones.  Usually, three times as many applications as  availale places are received.   In order to reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of the Course, attendants will be selected on the basis of the scientific discipline, publication record and the  connection between their current research and the listed topics.  The application date might  also become a priority element. Financial support  for young applicants (under 35 of age) is conditional  to the success of the several applications submitted by the organizing committee to international and national sources.