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Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture
President: Professor Antonino Zichichi


Director: Sir Tom Blundell, FRS FMedSci

55th Course:


Erice 28 May - 5 June 2021

New ONLINE dates: 31st May - 4th June


Cost & Payment

The fee for the course is 100 Euro. This sum includes all the couse material in electronic format, video lectures and slides.

Applicants will receive specific instructions for fee payment upon acceptance to the course.


Grants to cover the registration fee (whole or in part), mainly for applicants under 35, may be available from the school organizers.

A letter from a senior scientist to support the applicant's request should be sent to Annalisa Guerri together with the request for funding. The letter should include the amount requested.

Additional information can be obtained by writing to Annalisa Guerri or Paola Spadon.


Depending on the country they are travelling from, School participants may need a Visa to enter Italy. To find out if you need a visa check; the site is available in several languages.

If a visa is necessary, participants must enquire immediately with the Italian authorities in their country about the list of documents needed.

Let Paola and Annalisa know, so that they may help you overcoming difficulties and provide you with links to necessary documents.