Scientists who have accepted (in italics since Fall 2006) an invitation to contribute

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Nenad Ban, Zurich;
David Barford, London;
Wolfgang Baumeister, Martinsried;
Terese Bergfors, Uppsala;
Richard Bickerton, Dundee, UK;
Dima Chirgadze, Cambridge, UK;
Elena Conti, Martinsried;
Patrick Cramer, Munich;
§ David Eisenberg, UCLA, CA;
Paul Emsley, York;
Ermanno Gherardi, Pavia & Cambridge, UK;
Janos Hadju, Uppsala;
Eran Hodis, Rehovot;
Ken Holmes, Heidelberg;
Amnon Horovitz, Rehovot;
Carola Hunte, Friburg;
Louise N. Johnson, Oxford;
Yvonne Jones, Oxford;
Werner Kuhlbrandt, Frankfurt;
John Kuriyan, Berkeley;
*Eva Maria Mandelkov, Hamburg;
*Joao Morais-Cabral, Porto;
Garib Murshudov, York;
Anastassis (Tassos) Perrakis, Amsterdam;
*Michael Rossmann, West Lafayette, IN;
Tim Richmond, Zurich;
Carsten Sachse, Cambridge;
Helen Saibil, London;

Elisabeth Sauer-Eriksson, Umea;
Thomas Steitz, New Haven, CT;
Robert Stroud, UCSF, CA;
David Stuart, Oxford;
Joel Sussman, Rehovot;
Dmitri Svergun, Hamburg;
Maya Topf, London, UK;
Michele Vendruscolo, Cambridge, UK;
Nuria Verdaguer, Barcelona;
Clemens Vonrhein, Cambridge, UK;
Bill Weis, Stanford, CA;
Ada Yonath, Rehovot;

* withdrawn in late Sept 2009 due to accumulation of scientific commitments
§ withdrawn early April due to health problems

additional speakers are being asked and some others will be chosen according to exciting and innovative results coming up in the literature, alike :
Venki Ramakrishnan, Cambridge, UK with a new "first GTPase structures bound to the ribosome" - 9 Oct 2009
Andreas Hoenger, Boulder, CO - 10 Oct 2009
Eddy Arnold, Rutgers, NJ - 15 Jan 2010
Ben Webb, S. Francisco, CA - 30 March 2010
Justin Benesch, Cambridge, UK - 1 May 2010
Jaime Prilusky, Rehovot - 1 May 2010,

Evolving methods; Robotics for protein expression, purification, structure determination and imaging;
CryoEM, single particle analysis and tomography;
Computer modelling bringing together results of individual molecules,
assemblies and cells; RNA and DNA replication and synthesis;
Progress in structural genomics; NMR;
Multicomponent machines involved in protein biosynthesis and processing;
Membrane proteins, pores and transporters;
Transient multiprotein systems involving growth factor receptors, signal transducing assemblies and nucleic acid-protein complexes;
Amyloid structure;
Viruses and virulence factors;
Slot open to future hot topics