Erice 2006

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Time, Title of Session, Session Chair, and Session Contributors
for the Preliminary Scientific Schedule (as of May 25, 2006)
All sessions in San Domenico Lecture Hall (if not specified, duration of each talk is 30 mins, 25' lecture + 5' discussion)
Poster Sessions in San Rocco, 1st floor

IUCr Journals Poster Prize

The IUCr will be awarding a copy of International Tables Volume F:
Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules, edited by
Michael Rossmann and Eddy Arnold, for the best poster presented by a young scientist.

The prize will be presented by Howard Einspahr, Editor of
the IUCr's latest journal, Acta Crystallographica Section F:
Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications (

Friday June 9th, 2006 (care for this drastic change ! see also Wed 14th schedule at 14:00)

9:30 to midnight : arrivals (met at Palermo airport by organizers, if warned about landing time)
after dinner : Get Together Party in S. Rocco Court. For IT click onto Computer Support on FAQ or

Saturday June 10th

9.00 Introduction by Michael Rossmann, Announcements by Paola Spadon

9:15 High Resolution Single Particle CryoEM
High Symmetry: Wah Chiu (
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX)
1) Anthony Crowther (MRC, Cambridge, UK) Hepatitis B virus: A structural model for core maturation
2) Z. Hong Zhou (UT Houston, TX) Building partial atomic models from cryoEM density maps of large dsRNA viruses
3) Wah Chiu (Houston, TX) Challenges in high resolution single particle cryoEM

10:45 Coffee
11:15 Low Symmetry: Joachim Frank (Wadsworth Centre, Albany, NY)
1) Bridget Carragher (Scripps Research. Institute, CA) - Case studies in automation (30 mins)
2) Jose-Maria Carazo (Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, U.A. Madrid, Spain)- Dealing with conformational variability by advanced classification and alignment methods: The case of replicative helicases (30 mins)
3) Joachim Frank (Albany, NY) - Atomic models of the ribosome in different functional states, by cryo-EM and flexible fitting of X-ray structures (30 mins)

12:45 Lunch
13:45 Set up posters (even numbers)

Interaction of Viruses with Receptors and Antibodies: Elizabeth Hewat (Inst. Biologie Structurale, Grenoble, France)
1) Elizabeth Hewat (Grenoble, France) Review
2) Nuria Verdaguer (Institut de Biologia Molecular, Barcelona, Spain) Minor group rhinovirus-receptor interactions analyzed by X-ray crystallography
3). Marie Chow (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR) Channeling poliovirus cell entry
17:00 Coffee
4) Colin Parrish (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY) The complex interactions between parvovirus capsids and their receptors or antibodies leading to cell infection or neutralization
5) James Conway (University Pittsburgh Medical College, PA) Epitope structure on the hepatitis B virus capsid
6) David Baker (University of Washington, Seattle, WA) Progress in high resolution modeling of protein structures and interactions.
19:00 Close of session

Sunday June 11th

Enveloped Viruses: Dennis Bamford (Inst. of Biotechnology, University Helsinki, Finland)
1) Dennis Bamford (Helsinki, FIN) Introduction
2) Sarah Butcher (University of Helsinki, FIN) A comparison of membrane-containing bacteriophage and archaeal virus structures by cryo-EM
3) David Stuart (Oxford University, UK) Further lessons from the analysis of the membrane containing bacteriophage PRD1
4) Nicola Abrescia (University of Oxford, UK) Lipid-containing bacteriophage PM2: black sheep or part of the family?
10:30 Coffee
5) Richard Kuhn (Purdue University, IN) Structure and assembly of flaviviruses
6). John Briggs (University of Munich, Germany) Insights into retrovirus structure and assembly from cryo-EM
7) George Thomas (University of Missouri at Kansas City, MO) Raman probes of membrane protein assemblies
12:30 Lunch

DNA Packaging: Tim Richmond (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
1)Tim Richmond (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) - Nucleosome higher-order structure (25+5 mins)
2) Patrick Cramer (University of Münich, Germany) - Eukaryotic RNA polymerase (25 + 5 mins)
3) Erika Mancini (University of Oxford) - Dissecting the mechanism of mechano-chemical coupling in an RNA packaging motor (15 mins)
15:00 Coffee

Immunology: Ian Wilson
(Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA)
1) Ian Wilson (La Jolla, CA) - Introduction
2) E. Yvonne Jones (Wellcome Trust Centre, University of Oxford, UK) - Adhesion
3) Jamie Rossjohn (Monash University, Australia) T cell receptor recognition of super-bulged peptides bound to the Major Histocompatability complex
4) Roy Mariuzza (University of Maryland, MD) Structural basis for self-peptide/MHC recognition
by autoimmune T cell receptors
17.00 End of Session

Chaperones and Proteasomes: Helen Saibil (Birkbeck College, London, UK)
1) Helen Saibil (London, UK) Introduction
2) Art Horwich (HHMI, Yale School of Medicine, CT) Chaperonin-mediated protein folding
3) David Agard (UCSF, CA) Structure and conformational dynamics of HtpG, the E.coli Hsp90
19:00 Coffee
4) Teru Ogura (Kumamoto University, Japan) AAA family proteases/chaperones
5) Andreas Matoushek (Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL) Protein unfolding in the cell
6) Dan Finley ( HMS, Boston, MA) The proteasome and its associated proteins.
20:30 End of Session

Monday June 12th

Rotary Motors: Andrew Leslie
(MRC-LMB, Cambridge UK)
1) Andrew Leslie (Cambridge, UK) Structural results on ATP synthase
2) Masasuke Yoshida (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kanagawa, Japan) - Mechanochemical coupling of ATP synthase and its regulation
3) Keiichi Namba (Osaka University, Japan) Molecular mechanisms of swimming and tumbling in bacterial motility
10:30 Coffee
Linear Motors: Hugh Huxley (Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA)
1) Hugh Huxley (Waltham, MA ) Introduction
2) Yale Goldman (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA) Structural dynamics of individual myosin molecules in real time
3) Ken Holmes (EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany) The structural basis of the cross-bridge cycle
12:30 End of Session
13:30 Poster Session I (even numbers)

Non-enveloped viruses
Prokaryotic Viruses:
Bentley Fane (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ)
1) Bentley Fane (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ) Structural and functional analyses of øX174 morphogenesis, a dual scaffolding protein assembly system..
2) Michael Rossmann ( Purdue) The pre- and post-infection Structures of bacteriophage 29
3) Lars Liljas (Uppsala University, Sweden) Structural studies of small RNA viruses
17:30 Coffee
Eukaryotic Viruses: Tomitake Tsukihara (Osaka University, Japan)
1) Tomitake Tsukihara (Osaka University, Japan) Structural organization of a double-shelled spherical virus, Rice dwarf virus
2) Mavis Agbandje-McKenna (Gainesville, FL) Structure to function correlation for the ssDNA parvoviruses
3) John J. Johnson (Scripps Research Institute, LaJolla, CA) The structural basis for a shared ancestry of viruses infecting eukaryota, bacteria, and archaea

19:30 End of session. Set up posters (odd numbers)

Tuesday June 13th

Cell Skeleton & Microtubules: Tina Izard (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN)
1) Jan Lowe (MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK) The microtubule network in bacteria
2) Marie France Carlier (Laboratoire d'Enzymologie et Biochimie Structurales, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France) The ß-thymosin/WH2 actin-binding module: structural basis for a switch from inhibition to promotion of actin assembly
3) Tim Springer (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA) Structure and activation of integrin receptors
10:45 - 11:15 Coffee
4) Tina Izard (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN) Structural relays in adhesion signaling
5) Nobutaka Hirokawa (University of Tokyo, Japan)- Microtubule motor kinesin superfamily proteins, KIFs: structure, dynamics and functions
6) Michael Eck (Harvard Medical School, MA) Regulation of the actin cytoskeleton by formins
12:45 End of session

13:30 + rest of day (Excursion to Motia Island, Phoenician Archaeology: 40 mins bus + 15 mins boat + extensive walking through flowers and ruins - an alternative choice of sun-bathing in the nearby Trapani sand-beach will be offered). Lunch packets will be provided. Restaurants will be opened for those who choose to stay. Organizers will be grateful if those joining the alternative or deciding to stay will warn about their choice.

Wednesday June 14th

RNA and DNA Replication and Synthesis: Eddy Arnold (Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ)
1) Eddy Arnold (Rutgers University, NJ) Introduction
2) Stephen Hughes (National Cancer Inst., Frederick, MD) HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: resistance mechanisms and drug design
3) Yizhi Tao (Rice University, FL) Structural studies of viral RNA replication
10:30 Coffee
4) Tom Steitz (Yale University, CT) Strand separation, translocation and the transition from initiation to elongation by T7 RNA polymerase and phi29 DNA polymerase
5) Seth Darst (Rockefeller University, NY) Structural studies of prokaryotic transcription
6) Elena Conti (EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany) Structural results on the exosome core
12:30 End of Session

14:00 Plenary Lecture by the Director of the Erice International School of Crystallography, Tom Blundell (Cambridge University, UK) Structural biology of transient
multiprotein systems: opportunties and challenges for drug discovery

Other techniques
Computational Biology : David Eisenberg
1) Janet Thornton (EBI, Hinxton, UK) From structure to function (35' + 10' discussion)
2) David Eisenberg (UCLA, CA) Predicting protein interactions (35' + 10' discussion)
17:00 Coffee

NMR : Kurt Wüthrich (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA and ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
1) Kurt Wüthrich (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA and ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Solution NMR studies of intermolecular interactions in the GroE chaperone system
2) Gerhard Wagner (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA) Protein structures and interactions in eukaryotic translation initiation
3) Michael Summers (HHMI, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD) New insights into retroviral genome recognition and packaging
19:00 End of session

Thursday June 15th

Tomography and Whole Cell Structure: Wolfgang Baumeister (MPI fur Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany)
1) Wolfgang Baumeister (Martinsried, Germany) Introduction
2) David Agard (UCSF, San Francisco, CA) Understanding the mechanism of microtubule nucleation: a multi-scale structural approach
10:30 Coffee
3) Abraham J. Koster (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands) Linking cell architecture and dynamics to function for cell biological applications
4) Ohad Medalia (Ben Gurion University, Israel) Structural analysis of the nuclear pore complex by cryo-electron tomogaphy
5) Stephan Nickell (MPI fur Biochemie, Martinsried, Munich, Germany) Cryoelectron tomography as a visual approach to proteomics
12:30 End of Session
13:30 Poster Session (odd numbers)

Viral cell Fusion: Franz Heinz (Medical University of Vienna, Austria)
1) Franz Heinz (Vienna, Austria) Introduction (15 mins)
2) Felix Rey ( CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France) Class II viral fusion proteins and mechanisms (30 mins)
3) Robert Doms (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA) HIV Entry and its inhibition (30 mins)
4) Leonid V. Chernomordik ( NIH, Bethesda, MD) Membrane rearrangements driven by viral glycoproteins(30 mins).
17:45 Coffee
Late Breaking Results: Alasdair Steven (NIH, Bethesda, MD)
1) Alasdair Steven (NIH, Bethesda, MD) Energetics (free energy cascade) control of the HK97 pathway
2) Andrey Kajava (CNRS, Univ. Montpellier, France) Beta-solenoids, beta-arches and their structural relationship to amyloid fibrils.
19:45 End of Session

Friday June 16th

Membrane Proteins: Werner Kühlbrandt (MPI für Biophysik, Frankfurt, Germany)
1) Tom Walz ( Harvard, MA) : Structure of Aquaporin 0 at 1.8 Å resolution by electron crystallography.
2) Carola Hunte ( MPI für Biophysik, Frankfurt, Germany) : Structure of the Na/proton antiporter NhaA from E. coli at 3.45 Å resolution
3) Werner Kühlbrandt (MPI für Biophysik, Frankfurt, Germany) : EM and x-ray crystallography of membrane proteins as complementary methods
10:30 Coffee
4) Jan Kern (Max Volmer Lab., TU Berlin, Germany) Structure of photosystem II.
5) Hartmut Oschkinat (Inst. Molec. Pharmacology, Berlin, Germany) Solid state NMR of membrane proteins

12:30 End of Session

Protein Synthesis: Tom Steitz (Yale University at New Haven, CT)
1) Tom Steitz (New Haven, CT) Structural basis of peptide bond formation and antibiotic inhibition by the large ribosomal subunit
2) Venki Ramakrishnan (MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK) Crystal structures of functional states of the ribosome
3) Jamie Cate (LBNL, UC at Berkeley, CA) Structures of the E. coli 70S ribosome at resolutions of 3-4 Angstroms
15:30 Coffee
4) Daniel Wilson ( MPI for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany) David versus Goliath: Antibiotic inhibition of ribosome function
5) Ada Yonath (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel) The spectacular ribosomal architecture and its implication in genetic code translation, initial protein folding, evolution and medicine
17:00 End of Session


Saturday June 17th
Either Excursion day (options: Selinunte & Segesta, Greek Archaeology, or, as an alternative choice for those who so wish, San Vito sand beach - both options end at a buffet dinner in front of the Segesta Temple). Lunch packets will be provided. Restaurants will be opened for those who choose to stay. Organizers will be grateful if those joining the alternative or deciding to stay will warn about their choice.

or departure day (details on this choice should be specified in the yellow "arrival" form, downloadable from the web and and also mailed to home address, begin 2006)

Sunday June 18th (departure by those who stay for the June 17 excursions)

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Poster Session : Neera Borkakoti (Medivir, Ccambridge, UK)

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