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The breathbreaking view you may enjoy during
coffee breaks in S.Domenico Lecture Hall


Crystal Engineering : from Molecules and Crystals to Materials


the 28th crystallographic course at the E. Majorana Centre, Erice, Trapani, Sicily, Italy

a Euroconference and a NATO Advanced Study Institute
sponsored by the International Union of Crystallography and the British Council

12 May (arrival day)- 23 May (departure) 1999

Directors : Dario Braga, Bologna, I and A. Guy Orpen, Bristol, UK


The 28th course of the International School of Crystallography, "Ettore Majorana" Centre, was held in Erice (Sicily) from May 12th to 23rd, 1999.

Some photos of Erice and surroundings have been made available by Michael Quayle and Gareth Lewis, Bristol, participants at Erice 1998. Additional photos may be enjoyed by clicking on "Erice 99" after opening (not available..) and going at the end of the text.


You may wish to look at the following documents:

1. Purpose of the meeting

2. Scientific programme

3. Scientific Report


This meeting was run in parallel with "Data Mining in Crystallography" ; only few lectures have been held jointly.


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