Crystallography of Supramolecular Compounds. A Report.

Erice, 1-11 June 1995

A NATO Advanced Study Institute, sponsored by the International Union of Crystallography and by the EEC Commission for Science, Research and Development

The 22nd crystallographic course at the "Ettore Majorana" Centre, Erice, Sicily, Italy, directed by Georges Tsoucaris, Physique, Université Paris Sud, Chatenay Malabry, from June 1 to 11, 1995, has gathered a total of 116 participants - 21 of them were invited speakers - from 28 nations.

The availability of reliable three-dimensional structural information is an important aspect in the design, synthesis and investigation of supermolecules. It has been a goal of this course to foster the necessary interdisciplinary collaboration.

Lecturers have tried to gradually bring the audience up to recent develop ments and to suggest guidelines for the design of new, more efficient supramolecular devices. Contributions from participants have been an important part of the programme.

Topics have included :

  • Structure and function
  • Weak chemical bonds and intermolecular interactions
  • Molecular recognition and self assembly
  • Chemical reactivity and photochemistry
  • Assembly principles in biological structures
  • Molecular modelling
  • Thermodynamics
  • Databases
  • Applications of these topics in:
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Materials Science
  • Information from NMR Spectroscopy, Molecular Dynamics

The following speakers have contributed :

  • G. Alberti, Perugia
  • F.H. Allen, Cambridge
  • J.L. Atwood, Columbia,MS
  • H.-B. Bürgi, Bern
  • Y. Dyadin, Novosibirsk
  • E. Eliopoulos, Athens
  • B.S. Green, Jerusalem
  • I. Karle, Washington, DC
  • M. Lahav, Rehovot
  • J.M. Lehn, Strasbourg
  • J.L. Leveque, Aulnay/Bois
  • J. Lipkowski, Warsaw
  • L.R. Nassimbeni, Cape Town
  • C. Pascard, Gif sur Yvette
  • A. Rassat, Paris
  • D. Reinhoudt, Entschede
  • J.A. Ripmeester, Ottawa
  • W. Saenger, Berlin
  • N.J. Turro, New York, NY
  • G. Wippf, Strasbourg

Three poster sessions have been organized, where authors of 55 contributions could discuss their research results. During the closing cerimony, on 10 June, Jean-Marie Lehn has delivered the "Erice Vaciago Award 1995" to Leticia Toledo, MIT, Mass., USA as the "most dynamic young participant in the lecture hall".

GRUPPO3.JPG (235789 byte)
The group photo shows - amongst others - Joel Bernstein, Paola and Nick Turro in the front, Nelsi Zaccheroni, Lodovico,
Ilse Manet, Ray Davis, Georges Tsoucaris (centre), Maria Rosa (Jerry Atwood behind her) along the second row…..

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