Director : Wayne A. Hendrickson, Columbia University, NY

Erice : May 27 to June 5, 1994

(Annexin Hexamer used as logo of the meeting : courtesy of Hartmut Luecke)

Note added in Nov. 2008: it is interesting, to todays standards, to consult (click here) the Acknowledgements
page of the collected Lecture Notes and Poster Abstracts 1994, as this was the last year when a meeting
in Erice was held without asking (and thereafter always obtaining) the support of a Nato (large) grant

Speakers and Lectures

Y Amemiya, Tsukuba, Japan
X-ray Area Detectors for Use with Synchrotron Radiation for Molecular Biology : Imaging Plate and X-ray TV Detector

T L Blundell, London, England
The 3-D Structures of Pentraxins : Implications for Biological Function and Structure-Based Drug Design

P M Colman, Parkville, Australia
Influenza Virus Neuroaminidase - Antibodies and Inhibitors

S Cusack, Grenoble, France
The Structural Basis for Serine Activation and tRNAser-aminoacylation by Seryl-tRNA Synthetase

G Dodson, York, England
Catalytic Stereochemistry of Serines

P M D Fitzgerald, Merck Rahway, USA
HIV-1 Protease: a Case Study in Structure-Based Drug Design

S Harrison, Harvard, USA

W G J Hol, Seattle, USA
Unraveling the Architecture of the Complex and Dynamic Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Multi-Enzyme Complex Family

B Honig, New York, USA
Macroscopic Treatments of Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Free Energies: Applications to Protein and Nucleic Acid Structure and Function

R Huber, Martinsried, Germany
The Combined Use of X-ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy as Tools in the Analysis of Some Proteins

L N Johnson, Oxford, England
Control of Glycogen Phosphorilase by Phosphorylase Kinase

T A Jones, Uppsala, Sweden
Making the First Trace with O

W Kuehlbrandt, Heidelberg, Germany
Atomic Model of Plant Light-Harvesting Complex Determined by Electron Crystallography of 2D Crystals

J Kuriyan, New York, USA
Crystal Structure of PCNA, a Eukariotic DNA Polymerase Clamp

K Moffat, Chicago, USA
Time-Resolved Macromolecular Crystallography

D Moras, Strasbourg, France
The Aminoacylation Reaction in the Aspartic Acid System

M G Rossmann, Purdue, USA
Viral Cell Recognition and Entry

G E Schulz, Freiburg, Germany
Conformational Changes of Adenylate Kinase in a Katalytic Cycle

P B Sigler, New Haven, USA
The 2.7 A Crystal Structure of groEL

Janet L Smith, Purdue, USA
MAD Phasing in the Structure Determination of Glutamine PRPP Amidotransferase

T A Steitz, Yale, USA
The Structure of the Iac Repressor Core Protein and its Implications for DNA Wrapping

T A Steitz, Yale, USA
Structure of the Site Specific Recombination Enzyme Resolvase Complexed with 35 Base-Pairs of DNA and its Implications for the Synaptosome

D I Stuart, Oxford, England
The Crystal Structure and Biological Function of the Cell Adhesion Molecule CD2

D C Wiley, Harvard, USA
Recognition of Antigens and Superantigensby Histocompatibility Glycoproteins

D C Wiley, Harvard, USA
Refolding of the Influenza Virus Haemagglutinin Activates Membrane Fusion

I Wilson, La Jolla, USA
Immune Systems

F Winkler, Basel, Switzerland
Crtiical Analysis of Structure-Function Correlations for the Restriction Endonuclease EcoRV

A Yonath, Rehovot, Israel
Cryo-Crystallography of Ribosomes

In addition, there were 109 participants presenting 112 posters during two different sessions. Total participants : 208

You may recognize sitting left, Janet Smith, Heather Baker, Paola, Lodovico, Massimo Degano, Eleanor Dodson, Maria Rosa D'Acunto, Ted Baker, Giovanna Scapin, Francesca Gliubich, Rick Magliozzo, then a male face with glasses, Silvia Onesti, Olga Lucia Onate, then one resembling (he was too young to be there....) John Irwin....three faces and then Vivian Cody, slightly back, with Cristina Dijnovic (yellow shirt); last one on the right in this row, Hartmut Luecke and Zanini is just behind him, a face cutting the full vision. First row, just above Olga Lucia, Wayne Hendrickson, Director, and at his right, John Kuriyan, one with a hut, Flo Quiocho, Celerino Abad Zapatero while on his left you see Gerard Bricogne, one with glasses, then Hugo Monaco, Beatrice Vallone, one more with glasses and then Vilmos Fulop.....On the line back further, between Gerard and Hugo, it is easy to see Wim Hol, 1988 Director, and on his right, Guy Dodson, followed by one with white hair and then Louise Johnson. Just behind Wim, Hoeffken. Above Guy, one line back, you see Bonnie Wallace and the blonde Inger Andersson, and then Menico Rizzi, while on Wim's left is Jennifer Rotonda, one female face and Paula Fitzgerald. Behind Paula, one with green shirt and then Constantina Fotinou. Just above Jennifer, Dusan Turk. Three line back, just above Florante, it is easy to see Paul Beurskens.On the right, the first row of those standing, you see Suzanne Fortier (third from your right) and then, rather hidden behind, Mitchell Guss. At the opposite extreme, I seem to distinguish Tina Izard, second row just above Paola. Secong last row, above Lodovico and Massimo Degano, you see Richard Pauptit's full face.


Prepared by Lodovico in May 2007, and refined (specially the photo comment) in November 2008