May 29 to June 7, 1992

Director : Erwin Parthé, Geneva


Lectures and Speakers


Symmetry Relationships between Crysta Structures and their Practical Applications
by Gervais C. Chapuis, Université de Lausanne

Cluster Solid State Chemistry : A Frontier Discipline between Metallurgy and Molecular Chemistry
by Roger Chevrel, University of Rennes 1

Structural and Bonding Principles in Metal Halide Cluster Chemistry
by John D. Corbett, Iowa State University

Modern Concepts of Atom Coordination, Atom Volume and Charge Transferin Intermetallic Compounds
by Maria L. Fornasini, Università di Genova

The Intergrowth Concepts as a Useful Tool to Interpret and Understand Complicated Intermetallic Structures
by Yuri N. Grin, MPI for Metallforschung, Stuttgart

Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Extended Systems
by Roald Hoffmann, Cornell University, Ithaca

Crystal Chemical Formulae for Inorganic Structure Types
by Jose Lima de Faria, Centro de Mineralogia e Cristallografia, Lisbon

Crystal Chemistry of Complex Sulfides (Sulfosalts) and its Chemical Application
by Emil Makovicky, University of Copenhagen

The Bond Valence Method in Crystal Chemistry
by Michael O'Keeffe, Arizona State University

Valence Electron Rules for Compounds with TetrahedralStructuraland Anionic Tetrahedron Complexes
by Erwin Parthé, Université de Geneve

Structural Principles of Silicates,Phosphates, Sulphates and Related Structures
by Dimitri Y. Pushcharovsky, Moskow State University

Crystal Chemistry of High Tc Superconducting Oxides
by Bernard Raveau, Claude Michel and Maryvonne Hervieu, Université de Caen

Competition between Trigonal Prisms and Other Coordination Poyhedra in Borides, Carbides, Silicides and Phosphides
by Peter Rogl, Universitaet Wien

You may distinguish Erwin Parthè in the middle and perhaps Xiaodong Zou on her knees, to his left,
Paola, sitting, first line, second from the right, Lodovico standing on the far left