Static, Kinematic and Dynamic Aspecys

of Crystal and Molecular Structure



H.-B. Buergi, Bern and Jack D. Dunitz, Zurich


This Course will attempt to review past achievements, present projects and future goals in the realm of crystal and molecular structure studies by diffraction and spectroscopic methods. The title is intended to indicate and emphasis on the description and understanding of atomic motion in molecules and crystals, with relevance to physical properties , chemical reactivity and phase transformations.

Titles of the lectures and speaker in sequential order:

Outline of topics, Hans-Beat Buergi and Jack Dunitz

Crystal order to liquid disorder in simple molecular crystals, John Sherwood

Diffraction studies of molecular motion in crystals, Kenneth Trueblood

Solid state NMR, Gary Maciel

The representation and analysis of molecular deformations, Thomas Auf der Heide

Analysis of gas phase Electron Diffraction data, Victor Spiridonov

The interpretation of atomic ADP's in molecular crystals, Hans-Beat Buergi

Application of structure correlation to chemical problems, Gerhard Klebe

Vibrational analysis of molecules and crystals, Stuart Pawley

Optical spectroscopic methods in molecular crystals, Hans Peter Trommsdorf

Molecular dynamics simulations, Georges Wippf

Modern uses of packing energy calculation, Angelo Gavezzotti

Lattice dynamics of molecular crystals, Stuart Pawley

Solid state NMR and its relations to to x-ray diffraction measurements, Colin Fyfe

Polymorphism and structure-property relations in organic crystals, Joel Bernstein

Molecular spectra and molecular motion, Martin Quack

Structure and order-disorder transitions in solvent clusters, Samuel Leutwyler

Neutron scattering from adsorbed molecules and ions, John White

Atomic motion in biomolecules, Tom Blundell

Phase transition in molecular crystals as chemical reactions, Jack Dunitz

Control of nucleation growth & dissolution of crystals, Leslie Leiserowitz

A microsymposium on solid state reaction and workshops on structure correlations and NMR and ADP were also organized


You may recognize, sitting in the first row, Aldo Domenicano, then Paola, Jack Dunitz, Tom Blundell, Hans-Beat Buergi, and at very end, right,
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