17th Course

Electron Crystallography of Organic Molecules

A workshop from 22 to 26 April 1990

Director : John R. Fryer, Glasgow


List of contributing speakers and of titles

D.L. Dorset
Electron diffraction structure analysis of organic crystals

J.H. Lando
Crystal structure by electron diffraction: diacetylene monomers and polymers in Langmuir.Blodgett films and single crystals

S.W.Hui, M. Cheng, J.T. Ho and R. Pindek
Observation of exotic behaviour in liquid crystals. In situ electron diffraction

S. Perez
A priori crystal structure modeling of polymeric crystals

J.N. Turner, D.P. Barnard, P. McCauley, W.F. Tivol
Specimen orientation and environment

F. Brisse
Electron diffraction of polymer single crystals

A. Gavezzotti
The prediction of the crystal packing of organic molecules: geometry and intermolecular potentials

R.P. Scaringe
A theoretical technique for layer structure prediction

J.R. Fryer, C.H. McConnell, R.A. Hann, S.K. Gupta, B.L. Eyres
Electron microscopy and molecular modelling of some Langmuir-Blodgett films

D.C. Martin, K.R. Schaffer, E.L. Thomas
Maximum entropy reconstruction of low dose, high resolution electron microscope images

N. Uyeda
The achievement and limitation of high resolution-high voltage electron microscopy

F.H. Li
Crystal structure from high resolution electron microscopy

J-F. Revol
Electron crystallography of radiation-sensitive polymer crystals

D. Miller, J. Sugiyama, J. Brisson, H. Chanzy
High resolution electron microscopyon VH amylose crystals

I.G. Voigt-Martin
High resolution electron microscopyon liquid crystalline polymers

J.K. Gimzewski
Scnning tunnelling microscopy of surface structures

B. Lotz, J.C. Wittmann
Polymer decoration: recent developments

M. Ashida
Epitaxial growth of octacyanometalphthalocyanine-metal complex crystals

J.C. Wittmann, B. Lotz
Epitaxial crystal growth on organic and polymeric substrates

C.J. Gilmore
Solving difficult structures including those from powderand electron diffraction data

D.L. Dorset
Direct phase determination in the electron diffraction crystallography of organic molecules

S. Hovmoller
Structure determination at atomic resolution by electron crystallography

W. Baumeister, G. Lembke, R. Duerr, B. Phipps
Electron crystallography of bacterial surface proteins

M.B. Sherman, E.V. Orlova, S. Hovmoller
Structure of hydrogenase from Thiocapsa Roseopersicina

F. Zemlin
Cryoelectron microscopy of protein crystals. Some remarks on the on the methodology

B.K. Jap, P.J. Walian, K. Gehring
Electron crystallographic analysis of reconstituted PhoE Porin

R.H. Wade, D. Chretien, E. Pantos
Concerning the surface lattice of microtubules

E. V. Orlova
Correlation averaging and filtering of electron micrographs

G.R. Duckett, D. White, A.H. Grace, J.L. Hutchison, H.D. Cockrane
Electron crystallography in an industrial laboratory

G. Miller, J.R. Fryer, W. Kunath, K.Weiss
The structure analysis of an organo-azo-calcium salt by high resolution electron microscopy and image reconstruction

E. Zeitler
Radiation damage in electron crystallography

D. Vesely, K.H. Downing
Electron beam damage in polyethylene (PE) single crystals

R. Steitz, I. Peterson
An analysis of the broadening induced by beam damage in transmission electron diffraction spots from an oriented aliphatic monolayer