15th Course


1 to 11 June 1989


Director :Peter J. Goodford, Oxford University

Programme and Lecturers (from the orange poster)

  N. WALKER, BASF, Ludwigshafen, FRG
The Strengths and the Weaknesses of Modern Approaches to Drug Design F. JORGENSEN, Copenhagen, Denmark
Computational Techniques in Crystallography and Drug Design G. L. TAYLOR, Oxford University, UK
Physical-Chemical Properties of Natural Effector Substances & Therapeutic Agents Y. MARTIN, Chicago, USA
The Molecular Structure of Natural Effector Substances & Therapeutic Agents J. TOLLENAERE, Janssen Pharm., Beerse, Belgium
Non-Covalent Interactions between Molecules P. J. GOODFORD, Oxford, UK


Steroid-Protein Interactiom  
Empirical Drug Design upon Molecular Structure W. DUAX, Medical Foundation, Buffalo, USA
Screening of Progestagens and Anti-Progestagens by Receptor Studies L. KLOOSTERBOER, Organon, Oss, The Netherlands
Crystal Structure and Molecular Modelling of Steroid Binding Proteins M.C. VANEY, University of Paris VI, France
A 3-D View of Steroid Enzymology E. WESTBROOK, Argonne National Laboratory, USA


The Haemoglobins  
Binding Sites on Haemoglobins D. ABRAHAM, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Crystallographic Analysis of Mutant Haemoglobins.I. B.F. LUISI, University of Chicago, USA
Crystallographic Analysis of Mutant Haemoglobins.II. K. NAGAI, MRC, Cambridge, UK
Antisickling Compounds A. ARNONE, University of Iowa, USA


Molecular Biology and Ecology
W.G. LAVER, Canberra, Australia
Neuroaminidase: Structure, Function and Antibody Binding
P. M. COLMAN, CSIRO, Parkville, Australia
Neuroaminidase : Drug Design
M. von ITZSTEIN, Victoria College of Pharmacy, Australia
Haemagglutin: Structure and Function
J.J. SKEHEL, NIMR, Mill Hill, London, UK
Haemagglutinin Inhibitors
J. HANSON, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


The Thymidilate Pathway  
Thymidilate Synthase: Architecture, Mechanism of Action & Design of Inhibitors D. MATTHEWS, Agouron, San Diego, USA
Clinical Perspective of Thymidilate Synthase H. CALVERT, Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, UK
Crystallographic Analysis of Thymidilate Synthase R. STROUD, UCSF, USA
Thymidilate Synthase as a Therapeutic Target R. JACKSON, Warner Lambert, Ann Arbor, USA


Membrane Bound Receptors  
Molecular Modelling of the Acetylcholine Receptor D. OSGUTHORPE, University of Bath, UK
Biology and Molecular Genetics of the Acetylcholine Receptor E. BARNARD, MRC, Cambridge, UK
X Ray Crystallographic Studies of the Acetylcholine Receptor R. STROUD, UCSF, USA


Methods of Predicting Macromolecular Structure S. WODAK, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Molecular Dynamics A. HAGLER, Biosym Technologies, San Diego, USA
The >Prediction of Biological Activity from Molecular Structure W. van GUNSTEREN, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Drug-Receptor Interactions: What can we Predict? P. Andrews, Bond University, Australia
Protein Crystallography and Drug Design T.L. BLUNDELL, Birkbeck College, London, UK


It is easy to recognize, on their knees, Lodovico on the extreme left, then Kyosha Nagai, ??, Franco Nicolò, Joanne Rout, Giovanna Scapin,
R. Banerjee, Fred Vellieux and Peter Goodford, extreme right;second row from left, ??, Alexander Roszak, ??, Valeria Ferretti, Barbara Oleksyn;
in front of these two,Piera Sabatino, then ??, Cristina Menziani, a brilliant Paola, Beatrice Vallone, ??, ??; you see Kumar Basak between Valeria
and Barbara; between Paola and Beatrice, Connie Chidester and above her Kay Onan; vertically, above Peter, ??, Susan West and then Bill Duax.
Two rows behind Roszak, right behind him, you see Mario Nardelli. Standing under the arch, is Marek Glowka. On top of the staircase,
to the right you see Bob Carter.