8th Course


Erice, 7-16 June 1982

Director : Tom Blundell


Topics in sequential order ---------------------------------Lecturers in alphabetical orders
Enzyme active sites D. M. Blow, London University, UK
Allosteric interactions T. L. Blundell, London University, UK
Flexibility and dynamics C. Chothia, MRC, Cambridge, UK
Prediction and folding D. Davies, NIH, Washington, USA
Gene duplication and evolution R.E. Dickerson, California Institute of Technology, USA
J. Drenth, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Membrane proteins D. Engelmann, Yale University, USA
Hormones J. Finch, MRC, Cambridge, UK
DNA structures L. Jensen, University of Washington, USA
Chromatin and nucleosomes S. Harrison, Harvard University, USA
tRNA and synthetases R. Henderson, MRC, Cambridge, UK
Spherical and helical viruses W. Hendrickson, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, USA
Ribosomes R. Huber, Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany
DNA binding proteins: repressors H. Huxley, MRC, Cambridge, UK
Cryo protein crystallography S.H. Kim, University of California at Berkeley, USA
New detectors A. Liljas, University of Uppsala, Sweden
Anomalous dispersion methods W. H. Lipscomb, Harvard University, USA
Neutron scattering B.W. Matthews, University of Oregon, USA
Contrast matching D.C. Phillips, Oxford University, UK
Structure refinement O. Ptitsyn, Pushchino, Russia
Computer graphics and models J. Richardson, Duke University, NC, USA
  M.G. Rossmann, Purdue University, USA
  B. Strandberg, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  T. Steitz, Yale University, USA
  D. Wiley, Harvard University, USA
  K. Wuetrich, ETH-Hoenggerberg, Zurich, Switzerland