6th Course: Erice: 8 to 21 April 1980

sponsored - after application by the organizers - by :

COSTED, Bangalore
International Union of Crystallography, Chester
Istituto Italo Latino Americano, Rome
Italian National Research Council, Rome
Organization de los Estados Americanos, Rome


Importance of new materials in modern technology
Structure property relations
Materials for energy conversion
Materials for energy storage
Amorphous materials
Influence of non-stoichiometry on physical properties
Ordering of point defects
Segregation of impurities
Defects in silicon
Surface properties of materials
Modern X Ray characterization techniques
Lattice imaging in crystals


A. Authier, University Paris VI, F
E:G: Bauer, TU, Clausthal-Zellertal, FRG
J.C. Brice, Philips Laboratories, Surrey, UK
A.A: Chernov, USSR Academy of Sciences, USSR
J.M. Cowley, Arizona State University, USA
A.J.K. De Kock, Philips Laboratories, Eindhoven, NL
L. Esaki, IBM Research Laboratories, Yorktown Heights, USA
G. Gilmer, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, USA
M. Hart, King's College, London, UK
Y. Jeannin, University Paris VI, Paris, F
E. Kaldis, ETH Hoenggerberg, Zuerich, CH
N. Kato, Nagoya University, JP
P. Krishna, Banaras Hindu Unbiversity, Varanasi, In
E. Moser, EPF, Lausanne, CH
D. Nenov, Academy of Sciences, Sofia, BG
D. Nobili, Lamel-CNR, Bologna, I
Y.A. Ossypian, Academy of Sciences, Moskow, USSR
A. Pavlovska, Academy of Sciences, Sofia, BG
H. Peibst, Academy of Sciences, Berlin, GDR.
M. Rodot, PIRDES-CNRS, Paris, F
A. Seeger, Max-Planck Institut, Stuttgart, FRG
W.E. Spear, University of Dundee, UK

On their knees, you see ???, ???, Behruzi, then no one....except Lodovico on the far right
Standing, first row, you recognize Norio Kato, third, then John Wilkes, after four faces you see Irena Szymerska
and - behind the dark haired lady - a hidden Andre Authier, a co-Director, then three more faces and a smiling Zigmund Wokulski;
a bit behind Michael Hart, and up the stairs one distinguishes a smiling Celotti and a bit upper, Stefano Lagomarsino.
Third step from the top, Emmanuel Kaldis, a co-Director