Director : Federico Bedarida, Università di Genova

2nd Course : Erice, 30 August to 7 September 1975

Programme and Lecturers

Surface energy and equilibrium shape
A. Baronnet, Université de Marseille, F
Surface structure F. Bedarida, Università di Genova, I
Heat and mass transfer P. Bennema, Technische Hogeschool Delft, NL
Growth shapes and their stability J. Brice, Mullard Res. Labs, Redhill, Surrey, UK
Caption of impurities and creation of defects A.A. Chernov, Crystallography RAS, Moscow, USSR
X-ray detection of defects C. Giacovazzo, Università di Bari, I
Crystal optical defects and laser techniques R. Kern, Université de Marseille, F
Mineral growth and genesis B. Mutaftschiev, Université de Marseille, F
Epitaxy C. Pontiggia, Università di Genova, I
Homogeneous nucleation W. Stacy, Philips Laboratory, Eindhoven, NL
Industrial techniques I. Sunagawa, Tohoku University, Sendai, JP


This photo shows, along the staircase in S. Rocco Court, later named Dorothy Hodgkin Court,

from right, standing, Raymond Kern (embracing one), Kevin Roberts, the one with the beard, stripes and long hair next to Kern; Wilkes is halfway up holding the rail, to his left is Bill Stacy with the mostache and just below Giling from Nijmegan, two heads up from Wilkes is Hans Human from Nijmegan. Continuing after Kern and Roberts, to the left, Livio Zefiro, Carlo Pontiggia, Federico Bedarida and in front, on their knees, Lodovico, Francesco Abbona, and ???? Two steps up above Kevin - a future Director at Erice2015! - is Boyan Mutaftschiev, on his right Angela Rinaudo, and on her right, one step up, is Dino Aquilano. Along the wall, after two heads above Boyan you see Piet Bennema and on his right, with a black beard Antonione, who has behind the large head of the late Panos Rentzeperis, and on his right Zygmunt Wokulski. One step up, in the middle of these two you see Eugenio Scandale and somewhat on the top left, an almost invisible Alain Baronnet.

Thanks to Francesco Abbona and Kevin Roberts , who made most of these assignments
(March 2008 and September 2009, respectively !!!!).