Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture

President: Professor Antonino Zichichi

International School of Crystallography

Director: Sir Tom Blundell, FRS FMedSci

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49th Course

High-pressure crystallography:
status artis and emerging opportunitites

Course Directors:
Francesca P.A. Fabbiani John B. Parise Malcolm Guthrie

Erice, Italy • 27 May (arrival) to 5 June (departure) 2016

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The website of the International School of Crystallography is being refurbished and will be re‑launched next 20 July 2015, when applications for the 49th Course will open.
Thank you for your interest and stay tuned.


The webpages for the 2015 Course (concluded last 14 June) can be found here.